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Yonkteck will be your preferred partner if you decided to dedicated special attention to the below:

  • Focusing on your business, not the technology
  • The actual setup of your Network infrastructure is causing more impact to your company than contributing to his growth.
  • A better reliability and security for your computer network is your priority.
  • A better awareness on the impact caused by any computer downtime.
  • Provide your employees more flexibility on they working environment.
  • You believe in preventive method as a more efficient than paying to fix problems that could have been spotted on time

Service #3

IT Solutions

YonkTech is fully aware of the difficulty facing company today to Find programs and updates that

Service #5

Pedagogical Engineering

Mechanical Manufacture is a professional and practical course which covers different subject fields  such as mechanical engineering,

Over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.