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YonkTech provide Regulation of learning and active learning methods in the context of engineering education as follow:

  • Technical and Non-Technical training on the trades of cars and trucks
  • Technical and Non-Technical training on construction equipment
  • Technical and Non-Technical training on handling of equipment
  • Technical and Non-Technical training on agricultural equipment
  • Group work, including team-based, collaborative and cooperative learning
  • Reflection on teaching and learning, designing teaching portfolio


Mechanical Manufacture is a professional and practical course which covers different subject fields  such as mechanical engineering, material science, electrical engineering and control theory. The content of YonkTech teaching should be focus on the latest scientific and technological achievements in Mechanical Manufacture, it is necessary that students pursuit for the course by solving engineering problems. The capability cultivation of independent innovation, interpersonal communication and inter-operability is regarded as the teaching goal; practical cases are adopted as a teaching means for the development of professional skills and engineering ability.


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